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1999 4 panel 9 panel abstract alexander shulgin Alice amanda sage andrew bradt android man banksy barrett be here now beatles blue bunny che che guevara cherubs cheshire cat ciaran shaman clown cola caps condor dancing bear denial dirty dozen double sided elephant evolution eye felix fransis morgan galaxy chart ganesh garcia Gary Fisher ghostbuster Ghostbusters Giger grace jones grateful dead hendrix hippy howie green HR Giger illuminatus jagger James Clements janis janis joplin Jeanine Quick jeff hopp jelly head jerry jerry garcia jessikah angelo jimi jimi hendrix John Blackburn John Howard john lennon jon blackburn Kami Proost kanye kanye west Katie Mckay keith richards ken kesey Leary led zeppelin Liberty Skrolls liberty skrollz lips Lucifer lucky numbers Luke Fitzpatrick mad hatter mark mc cloud Marty Coyle monkey monkey faces Mr wills mushrooms Nicholas Scott Smith nine panel Paul Guest penguin periodic table pink floyd psychedelic queen rabbit ram dass red Richard Williams robot rolling stones s. Clay Wilson sabeth skull salvador dali sandoz sasha shulgin shrooms shulgin signed skully smiley smiley face smileys steal your face Syd syd barrett thom lyttle through the looking glass tim leary unperforated untrimmed vintage Wes Black yellow yin yang youth and gaudi zane kezey ziero zoso